What if you could actually see hope?

The entire world will see hope literally shining from every part of the United States.  The Hope Is Project team plans to travel to 50 states over the course of 1 year -- 1 state per week -- gathering compelling stories and photos inspired by hope, curating what will culminate in a spectacular digital art display of images of hope, and uniting the country in a massive, historical, live American event, with the entire journey documented in an episodic docu-series.

The goal: A massive digital photo gallery display linking the entire country, and a beacon to the entire world. After a year of collecting stories and images, persuading each city to sign on and arranging all the logistics, at one moment, on one evening, in at least one city in each state, images of hope are projected onto a large building as part of a larger event in each city. This coordinated effort happens simultaneously, in tandem with local agencies, as the entire country symbolically holds hands in the name and consideration of hope. An unprecedented historical moment, and arguably collectively the “largest” photo exhibit in history.